Nothing new under the sun


Back in the 70s, a Saturday morning down the town, looking at rollerball lip glosses, or sparkly eye shadows, or widely flared loons would inevitably end up with us all pouring ourselves into a photo booth for the souvenir of our adventure . . . The selfie.
It wasn’t called that then, it was simply a photo booth strip of photos that would be shared out.
Black and white, no chance to delete and start again but great fun.
My sisters and I have quite a selection. They are a great record of our hairstyles and cheap jewellery and early attempts at make up. We even have some from our family holidays with the 7 or 8 friends we made all squeezed in like sardines. Heads all over and, of course, a few with contorting faces.
With today’s selfie you can angle the camera for your best side, delete and retake if your face looks fat, quickly take one when you happen upon someone famous and only show people the ones you think make you look gorgeous.
Not the photo booth ! The wait for those pictures to drop, groaning if you look dreadful but your friend looks wonderful, taking them home and cutting them up so you can share them, then finding them 30/ 40 years later and marvelling at really how pretty you look ( I never saw that back then) and what did I do with that choker as I really like it!
Next time you bump into that celebrity and want to prove to your unbelieving friends that you actually met them, put your phone away and ask them to walk to the nearest photo booth with you. Can’t get more retro than that.


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