The man in the sky

As children we were told he could see us. He was everywhere and was watching us all the time to make sure we were being good. Some people ( much frowned on) didn’t bother telling their children the lie and found that it didn’t take anything away from their delight in life.
This man couldn’t be seen although many people claimed to have seen him and many said they were his representatives. As his representatives they claimed to have the powerful man’s ear and therefore knew what he wanted from us.
We had to believe in him. If we didn’t then we were somehow a lesser person who wouldn’t receive the delights that this powerful man had lined up for us. All the lovely treats and happiness would be ours if we believed, but denied us if we didn’t. But denying his existence wasn’t an option to the believers, so those who rejected this wonderful man were frequently told that they were destined for a life of sorrow and emptiness. After all how could we not put our faith in someone so caring, but who had the power to punish us if we didn’t believe?


8 thoughts on “The man in the sky

  1. The only thing missing is the Benson and Hedges fag between the first and second fingers of his right hand. Hold on … being Middle-Eastern he probably smoked a Camel. 😉
    They photo-shopped it out, I shouldn’t wonder.

  2. Funny and frightening in equal measure. It’s worth finding Dawkins interviewing Ricky Gervaise on this subject, if you haven’t seen it.

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