Tidy, tidy, tidy


Day 5’s decluttering offerings are 5 scarves I no longer wear. I have a whole deep drawer full of them so these five (not the five in the photo) may not be the last .

And Day 6 is 6 old videos that, despite us still having a video player, will not be watched again.

Went swimming late morning today and we were very surprised to see barely 5 people in the pool. First full week in January, the schools have gone back and NY resolutions still in play led us to expect a full house. Nope. So we happily swam our 30 mins of lengths unbothered. Nice.



2 thoughts on “Tidy, tidy, tidy

  1. I don’t think I have ever owned more than two scarfs my entire life.
    There was not a single person in my pool this morning. There are fifty koi and a dozen goldfish! 😉

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