The man in the sky

As children we were told he could see us. He was everywhere and was watching us all the time to make sure we were being good. Some people ( much frowned on) didn’t bother telling their children the lie and found that it didn’t take anything away from their delight in life.
This man couldn’t be seen although many people claimed to have seen him and many said they were his representatives. As his representatives they claimed to have the powerful man’s ear and therefore knew what he wanted from us.
We had to believe in him. If we didn’t then we were somehow a lesser person who wouldn’t receive the delights that this powerful man had lined up for us. All the lovely treats and happiness would be ours if we believed, but denied us if we didn’t. But denying his existence wasn’t an option to the believers, so those who rejected this wonderful man were frequently told that they were destined for a life of sorrow and emptiness. After all how could we not put our faith in someone so caring, but who had the power to punish us if we didn’t believe?


Day 7 of the declutteringness


So today was 7 items of clothing. Nothing very exciting either. But as a result of the cull I have created drawer space, as they were jumpers that have been unworn for the last 2 Winters (at least).

Tidy, tidy, tidy


Day 5’s decluttering offerings are 5 scarves I no longer wear. I have a whole deep drawer full of them so these five (not the five in the photo) may not be the last .

And Day 6 is 6 old videos that, despite us still having a video player, will not be watched again.

Went swimming late morning today and we were very surprised to see barely 5 people in the pool. First full week in January, the schools have gone back and NY resolutions still in play led us to expect a full house. Nope. So we happily swam our 30 mins of lengths unbothered. Nice.


Day 3


And today’s objet d’art which are surplus to requirements are 3 plain, glass tea light holders which haven’t been used for a number of months due to my having more than I need or want. Charity bag.

31 days of Christmas


My decluttering plan is turning into a reverse version of that favourite Yuletide hit, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Today was 2 old DVDs (there were more but I need time to sort them out) so day 1 and day 2’s goodies were dropped off at a charity shop. I had thought that I could wait a few more days before taking said bag to said charity shop, but said bag would then be replacing the clutterishness that I was trying to avoid. It’s going to have to be a very big bag by the end of the month !

Happy New Year


Yes I’m a day late but the sentiment is the same.

As well as decluttering-by-numbers this month I am also embarking on my , now traditional, use-it-up January.. Food in the fridge, freezer and cupboards will be used up before any major grocery shopping is done. Beauty products will be emptied before any lovely new ones are opened. books sitting on my shelf awaiting their turn will be opened etc etc. It’s like having a good old Spring clean but in January.

And day 1 of the decluttering by numbers saw a set of silver stacking cardboard boxes put into the bag heading for the charity shop. These had been sitting on the fireplace hearth in the dining room for quite some time.  Ok there is more than one box but as they are similar to nesting Rusian dolls it only counts as 1 thing. So, off to a good start. If I get carried away my house will end up like the empty minimalist house in the picture. Not sure I need to go that far.

And for those of you making NY resolutions, make sure they are do-able. I saw one blog and the writer was looking to change just about every area of their life. Good luck with that one !