As I caught my breath after a hectic week of family gatherings and entertaining I read an article in one of the weekend newspaper supplements. How to get rid of the bits and pieces that we keep for no reason other than we don’t get rid of them. This article suggested a way of gradually decluttering our homes is to do it a day at a time. So, starting on Jan 1st you get rid of 1 thing. It could be to a charity shop, recycling it or simply binning it. On Jan 2nd you dispose of 2 things, on the 3rd, 3 things and so on and so on.

I love this idea !

I’ve already got Jan 4th sorted with 4 glass tealight holders that I have replaced with more ornate ones. They will be in a bag for the charity shop next Sunday. I am actually viewing it as a challenge and may post on here as I progress.,