Smells like teen spirit ?


I turned my back on religion a few years ago now. One thing however that I refuse to reject is cathedral music and buildings.

I studied music in York and one of the things I did was sing in York Minster a number of times in a choir. I adored it , not because of the religious aspect,  but because of the intense and almost other worldliness of the echoing sound.

The purity of the choir boys’ voices never fails to move me. They could be singing Smells like Teen Spirit for all I care.

One of our lecturers was an organist there and he would arrange for us to do and see things that no one else could, as a visitor to the minster. One time, as a mere 18 yr old, lacking in confidence student, after one of our tours, the cathedral official who was our guide, turned to me and said “You look like an angel !”

Well to that self conscious girl, unsure of herself and embarrassed to be singled out in front of a whole group of her peers, this was really strange. I assumed he was joking.  Now however, 36 years later, I look back and smile. Locked away with so many other things in the bank of memories from wonderful, wonderful York.




2 thoughts on “Smells like teen spirit ?

  1. Fantastic city is York. Visited on a school trip. Like Chester( my home town) it has a Roman Wall.
    The railway museum is brilliant and of course the York Minster is amazing.
    I love these buildings too.

    Was once politely but very firmly asked to leave Chester Cathedral one quiet mid-week afternoon for eating an ice cream inside. Odd…but there you go.
    I was a young lad and the vicar probably thought, here’s trouble, because I was bunking school or something. I wasn’t…I was waiting for the bus home, I’d just been to the doctor’s I think.

  2. I completely agree. I love cathedrals, and when living in SP i would often pop in on the Benedictines who sung Gregorian chants on Thursday mornings. Beautiful stuff.

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