Foodie Penpals


I received this very interesting parcel from Kim.

The two relishes are really delicious, especially in a cheese sandwich !
My package contained
. pretty paper serviettes
. smoked sage (a good addition to my chicken casserole!)
.a vanilla hot drink
. beetroot and horseradish relish
. a vegetable chutney
. 2 different types of cheese crackers
. a rather scrummy irish cream fudge
. and finally some beautiful flower seeds to remind me that Spring is on the way.
It is an exciting moment when I unwrap my package and my thanks go out to Kim !
For those who haven’t come across Foodie Penpals before it is just that. You receive the name and address of someone to send a small package of local/interesting/delicious food to and someone else sends you one. Each month you are given two new contacts. It is going on in USA and now Europe.


4 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals

  1. You don’t post enough, and I don’t generally comment in foodie blogs.
    But if you fancy sending me a pen pal food parcel I am partial to old fashioned fish and chips in yesterdays copy of the Sun – page three and the sports preferably. 😉

    That said, this is a fun , and very practical idea. Especially if one is stuck in the back of beyond, like my sister for instance, who is currently on a 12 month voluntary nursing excursion thingy in Malawi teaching new nurses how to nurse ( Well, I presume that’s whats she’s doing!)


    • I have just found your comment…so sorry I missed it!
      Watch your letter box as said fish and chips are on their way !
      I have, since posting this blog, taken my name off the foodie pen pal list as I must admit I felt slightly short changed. I sent lovely things such as local chutney, cake, home made biscuits etc and the parcels I received in return (not from the people I sent mine too…it doesn’t work that way) felt like they were going for the lightest, most dull things. I decided that the money I spent sending nice things could be better spent by me on nice ingredients for my cooking. But…I had to try it.
      I can imagine your sister is trying lots of local delicious things whatever she is doing out there…and thanks for telling me I should post more (I take it as a compliment!) but life is hectic with my daughter’s wedding in 4 months and decorating at home going on, plus fitting in my work! I will try harder though Arkenaten.

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