Foodie Penpals


I received this very interesting parcel from Kim.

The two relishes are really delicious, especially in a cheese sandwich !
My package contained
. pretty paper serviettes
. smoked sage (a good addition to my chicken casserole!)
.a vanilla hot drink
. beetroot and horseradish relish
. a vegetable chutney
. 2 different types of cheese crackers
. a rather scrummy irish cream fudge
. and finally some beautiful flower seeds to remind me that Spring is on the way.
It is an exciting moment when I unwrap my package and my thanks go out to Kim !
For those who haven’t come across Foodie Penpals before it is just that. You receive the name and address of someone to send a small package of local/interesting/delicious food to and someone else sends you one. Each month you are given two new contacts. It is going on in USA and now Europe.


A big night out

They had been looking forward to it for weeks, if not months!

He had planned his outfit with thought and precision. The t shirt he had bought at that concert 20 years ago was due an airing and his leather jacket hidden at the back of the wardrobe would be perfect .

Her outfit however was new and carefully put together. She knew someone who had been before and had told her the best things to wear to feel part of it all. So even though it wasn’t something she would usually wear she dressed with half appreciation, half apprehension.

They arrived early, so went to the bar,  holding their drinks carefully while the crowd jostled around them. Through the crowd he noticed a colleague from the office…Colin… looking slightly out of place (he thought) in a tailored jacket, well cut jeans and a cotton shirt. He wouldn’t have thought this was his bag.

Time passed and more and more similarly dressed, similarly aged people arrived. Conversations around them swooped in and out of their hearing, but they could hear people comparing experiences and boasting about how many times they had “done it” and who had “done it” the furthest distance from home. The atmosphere was building and voices were getting louder and louder until the doors suddenly opened.

Glasses were drained, jackets straightened, handbags retrieved and two by two the excited, middle aged crowd followed each other into the dark.

Seats were found, bodies arranged, distance glasses slid onto noses, then conversations ended as the lights dimmed,

The stage lit up in a bright explosion of colour as the first strains of the guitar caused a ripple of recognition around the theatre. Fingers drummed on the knees of jeans, feet tapped in comfortable shoes, and words were mouthed along with the singer.

The songs, after all those many years, sounded the same. The singer looked as young as ever. The lead guitarist had not lost any of his skill. Basically they all looked and sounded as though time had stood still.

Could it?

Could it really be 40 years since they had hit after hit ?

The songs were locked into so many people’s histories. The guitar solos contributed to the soundtrack to so many  lives.

The people on their feet, dancing in the aisles and clapping in the air were thrilled to once again adore their memories.

When it was all over, they left the building, expressing delight at being there. At being there once again, after all these years. T shirts were bought on the way out. Albums were paid for and held possessively as they walked back to their cars.

Once again the Tribute Band had delighted and entertained .

(run into the shadows)