I have always referred to my 3 children as my chicks.

And the last chick left home a week ago to move into the brand new home he has bought with his girl.

It has been 30 years with laughter, tears, happiness, heartbreak, smiling, hugging, arguing, tears wiping, cooking, drinking, discussing and explaining. But now they are all settled with their loves and are happy.

I was ready mentally and thought I would be fine but when the time came I wasn’t so fab and I did find it hard and I did cry and did knew that it was the end of something.

But pieces of their shells are still here in the nest . A packet of my daughter’s 18th birthday cards. My eldest son’s boxes of records from when he used to DJ. My youngest son’s old phone and student card. Little pieces of shell that remind me that this will always be their first home.

Who wants to see a massive adult bird sitting in the nest waiting to be fed ?…Springwatch would devote a whole series to it ! If we do our job properly we give them the confidence to go out there and start their own lives.

The house seems enormous but instead of having 3 spare bedrooms we will alter the use of one or two so it can work for us. My man has always wanted an art studio so that fabulous light and airy teenage boy loft space will do the job just fine! I can spread my books and set up a dressmaking area. It is exciting but tinged with an air of sadness. But I found this list of positives which had one or two good things. But the one that was most positive was :

  • Feel extremely proud of yourself for having raised children who are capable of going out into the world and surviving and thriving on their own. Give yourself a pat on the back.

And Im sure that every now and again, as I tidy up, I will find a feather or two hiding away.



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