They came from afar to see for themselves

They had heard the news, listened to excited stories from those who had already seen,  and waited for their chance to see for themselves.

It felt like a pilgrimage. They came in their twos or fours or even in groups. They came as they got the message.

They brought gifts fit for a young child.

Once they arrived they smiled and entered in the house. They gazed and laughed and smiled and exclaimed just how thrilled they were to be there at the start of it all. They thrilled at the gurgling and smiles. Cuddled and bounced and then marvelled at new life.

Not the Christmas Story as we know it, but the afternoon everyone came to visit our young twin grandsons who were with us for a few days.

Very special indeed.


Oh Dear !


My daughter and I work for the same company but on different sites. And Sunday evening was our combined Christmas party at a hotel nearby.

As I had decided to take my car I picked her up from home. As usual, at these events, there was to be a raffle and the prizes had been listed at work. 1st was some all-singing-all-dancing tv, second ipad , and so on and so on. As we drove there we both decided that neither of us wanted to win the TV, but she fancied winning some fancy gadget and me the ipad. No…neither of us wanted the TV.

So we ate our meal…her at one side of the hall and me at the other (with our colleagues) then the raffle was drawn.

Anticipation and hopefulness filled the room.

“So ladies and gentleman, the raffle first prize , the TV, goes to number …” and I heard a scream and an excited figure skipping to the front. not having my distance glasses on I was ignorant until my table mates began to say “Isn’t that your daughter?”.

And it was.

The mega TV . . .that neither of us were keen to win. . . but there it was. . . her’s!

Hundreds of £ worth of kit which is now taking pride of place in her living room.

She is now pleased but her fiancée is ecstatic !