“Life is a handful of short stories, pretending to be a novel”.

We were spending some time touring the country villages in North Yorkshire and life is, as ever, interesting to observe and tune into.

Snatched overheard conversations, quick remarks noticed in passing and people just being people will never fail to thrill me. And when they come with an unexpected twist it’s all the more delightful.

We were having lunch in a pub in a tiny village a few miles from Whitby when it suddenly began to rain quite hard and fast. People began to comment on it and the pub began to fill up. On the table beside ours was a true Yorkshire man and his companion.

“It’s raining “.

“Ah yes !”

“It’s due to set in for a week now”

“Is it?”

“yes”…now here I was expecting the usual such as “I left my washing out” or  “Brian’s in town he will get drenched ” or even “the gardens need it” but not here, in the wilds of farming country.

“Not everyone has got their harvest in yet!”

I wanted to applaud and thank him for practical, truly good reasoning.

Then not long after, as the bar became more crowded and the two serving staff were slightly rushed, the same chap commented

” Where’s Sue? they could do with her help “

“Maybe she’s been sacked again “

“No, I doubt it”

Now there’s a conversation I needed to hear more of but, alas, we left to give others our table.

I love it when life’s twists and turns take me to new ways of viewing the world and give me little reasons to smile and enjoy.


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