Ruth’s friend and sister.

I heard that Ruth has a sister named Ella (Gabriella) her best friend is Issy (Isabel) . Ella lives in Marazion and runs a tea shop overlooking St Michael’s Mount. Issy lives in Berwick, not far from Ruth.

A letter from Isabel to Ella.

Dear Ella,

I got your address from Ruth’s house so I hope you don’t mind me writing to you. I have been checking  her post and looking after her garden while she is away and saw your address pinned to her kitchen notice board.

How are you? It was lovely to see you at New Year when you were here and Ruth often tells me how her little sister’s getting along in your lovely coffee shop in Marazion. Great to hear you are a Granny now too!

I won’t mince words here but how do you think Ruth is doing on her trip? I am wanting to call it her adventure but that implies something exciting.  Ruth didn’t seem to be viewing it as that, more as something she needed to do as Will and her had planned it.  We both know how much the last year  has kicked Ruth and how she has changed. The  smiling, beautiful lady who thought nothing of cooking lunch for whoever was with her,  suggesting a trip to a Modern art gallery, or simply a long coffee shared while we watched  the world go by,  has become  Ruth who ignores  herself completely. I know why, but it worrys me to see her disappear . I miss her.

Her postcards are to the point and full of what she has seen but nothing much else. Do you think she will be OK? I miss the fun we had, the amusing comments we made in the galleries which rivalled  the blurb from the artists.  I miss her dress sense and deep red lipstick of all things too! 

As I saw her to the train for Alnwick, her last words to me were,

 “Issy, don’t worry about me. I need to find her again. She’s out there somewhere so I hopefully will recognise her when I see her. I’ll write. Thanks for everything “.

I know she feels lost . Hopefully she will find who she is looking for.

Write soon Ella. Take care,



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