Life through a lense

Recently, I saw a news item on TV which was about Prince Charles visiting somewhere, and as usual the crowds were gathered near to where his car pulled up. Now back in the day, he would be greeted by claps, cheers and smiles. the odd camera may flash but on the whole it would be real faces he would see, witnessing him with their own eyes.

But oh no! Not any more!

On the news item the crowds were still there, but instead of claps, cheers and smiles, he was greeted by a bank of mobile phones, held at eye level taking snap after snap after snap. No claps or smiles…just photos taken.

All of those who had stood, for no doubt quite a while, to get a prime view of him, saw it all through their view finder.

When and why did we become a people who no longer value what we see unless we can show it to others? Seeing something and enjoying the sight isn’t good enough anymore, and to miss out on the reality of something altogether because we were too busy clicking it, seems such a pity.

I was guilty of this last year, when the Olympic torch came through our town. I took a photo on my phone rather than watch it myself, and afterwards I realise what I had done and what I had missed. I wanted the visual proof rather than the face to face experience. No more however!

We need to put our phones in our pockets and enjoy the view! It could be fleeting and never to be repeated, or maybe something we can see over and over again, but whatever it is experience it, rather than missing it by capturing it.


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