Time to tell a story

The world is full to bursting with stories.

So many books full of stories, stories told from one generation to another, stories of far off lands and stories about the here and now.

But will we ever run out of stories? Will there come a point where every story has been told or written? Where there are no more new ideas so therefore no new tales to tell?

One school of thought holds that there are just 10 archetypal tales around which novelists spin more or less elegant variations. How many times have you predicted the ending of a story really closely? It must be because there are only a number of varieties of tale to tell. The ones that surprise us are the ones which move away from what we expect (from our existing knowledge of story patterns) onto an unpredictable path. But maybe that path was paved by a different story but still a considered tale. How long before new books no longer surprise us with twists or plots we were expecting, but become just another version of the same old same old?

But…the book I have just completed made me cry…

I sat in my back garden with tears running down my cheeks because the words painted a heart breaking picture. and I saw it coming! I saw the ending, I saw how the child would leave them and the woman would turn in on herself, but it still moved me. Even though this story wasn’t a brand new plot, the words the author used were so right that even though I predicted the journey, it didn’t really matter. It was the travelling there which brought the joy.

So , if there are really only ten basic storylines, hey ho! Find the twists and turns and parallels and contrasts and enjoy the journey.


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