Time to go

She is in her late 50s and has decided that it’s time to call it a day with her job. As it’s one of those “vocation” jobs it’s a big deal to turn your back on it after a long time.

And as is tradition, a night out for all the staff,  to mark the event, is to be arranged.

Unfortunately her ideas as to what she wants to do are being met with indifference, and most other ideas suggested by colleagues are either non-starters or unpopular. As the team of staff grows and gets younger (a fact of life) , finding something everyone wants to do proves tricky.

As I left the building she was in tears. It broke my heart! Here is a woman who is coming to the end of her working life (paid work that is!) and the best that can be offered is to go for a drink after work. This won’t be happening. Troops will be rallied and sensible ideas gathered and retiring will be celebrated!


4 thoughts on “Time to go

  1. That is indeed terrible. It’s summer there (almost)… an early evening fresco dinner (7 courses) would be wonderful… Dress code required. and as a special surprised, a musician to play three of her favourite songs.

  2. Good idea, but even during an English summer we can never ever rely on the weather! A few of us are gathering ideas for fun things we can do which will include a meal. Possibly a murder mystery evening or a river cruise.

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