Ok… so sitting enjoying a cup of coffee, catching up with myself, when the table next to me becomes occupied . Guy in suit, other guy smartly dressed and they begin a job interview!

What ?!

So smartly dressed man has to now start selling himself, answer tricky and  thought provoking questions and justify why he should be given the job, in the middle of a busy coffee shop in a town centre on a weekday morning!

Are there no private places left? Is this what we have to do now?…is this the ‘facebook-spotlight-look at me everyone’  way business is conducted these days?

I also once heard, in a packed coffee house in Mayfair in London, two men berating a colleague for his shameful work performance, during what I can only assume was a work appraisal, for everyone and his dog to tune in to.

I actually think it is humiliating and thoughtless to expect people to be happy to conduct their work business under the public spotlight. It is happening everywhere and I feel very uncomfortable for the interviewee each time. One of these days I will actually tell them.


7 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Sitting in a doctors waiting room the other day: man with one of those earpiece-only phones, seemingly talking to himself… LOUD. “My wife had her vaginal examination last week… yeah, X, Y, Z is wrong… welts and all rashy.”

    20 sets of eyes on him. Have these people no freaking idea?

  2. I heard a psychologist help section some by mobile phone on a train. I like to think he won’t dare do it again after the carriage fell into traumatised silence.

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