Am I a stalker?

Once, when on a solitary day in London, I visited the Gilbert and George exhibition at Tate Modern. As well as their wall-filling works of art, there were many sketches and notebooks displayed under glass, which featured their address. hmm.

Before I left the gallery I wandered around the book shop and saw a book about the Gherkin. Now the urge came to me to take a photograph from the very bottom of the Gherkin upwards, so I duly noted the address , left the gallery and started to walk. A to Z in one hand, camera the other and off I went. It proved a really interesting walk through the old buildings of The City until I eventually reached said Gherkin and took my photos.

Pleased with myself, I looked again at my map and noticed that where I was presently standing wasn’t really that far from the mentally noted address of the two eccentrically fascinating artists…so off I went heading north towards Spitalfields.

It wasn’t tricky to find their road (damn fine buildings!) and house, so I stood outside for maybe 5 mins , took a couple of snaps, wondered if they may leave home just as I was admiring  their place… when I had my moment!

A white van pulled up, and no…no Mr Gilbert or Mr George getting out, but a wound down window with a face peering out shouting “Alright darlin’ ! Wanna take me photo while I’m here?”

I declined his polite offer and decided that enough was enough and left G and G to it.

Two years later, in Spitalfields once again, this time with a fellow art admirer, we were having a cup of coffee in a fabulous old coffee house opposite the market, when in he walked! But we couldn’t remember which one of them was which, so to this day, we recall fondly the day we shared a coffee space with Gilbert OR George !

PS none of these photos are mine!



10 thoughts on “Am I a stalker?

  1. It’s hard not to like G & G. They’re off the eccentric scale, but that just makes them all the better in my eyes.

    Hey, English, you need a Follow Blog by Email widget thingy. I miss nearly all your posts as i hardly ever check my Reader

    • I don’t think so… i can’t see it anywhere 😦

      Took me ages to work it out. You have to drag it across to the right hand side and plop in a category (of your choosing). It should then pop up on your main page.

    • Will do. It’s not there right now, though. Maybe its a problem with the Theme you’re using? Doesn’t seem to be any room for widgets, or anything for that…?

    • I do, but i have to admit i had to look up Rothko. I’m such a peasant.

      Just another tip, friend… use the Reply button/option or else i don’t get a notification that you’ve replied to a comment. It creates a thread which lets WP to alert you when there’s been an addition (to the original comment). Helps to keep the conversation rolling 🙂

      Hey, i’ve always been too afraid to change my theme for fear of everything going insane. Did it happen smoothly?

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