While my (air) guitar gently weeps.

It was too tempting. How could we not? Would it be just too amazing for words?

So we did and it was…and more!

The regional heat of the air guitar championships!

When we saw the advert we had to go. It was held in one of the local nightclubs, and one by one the “performers” took their turns on stage. Some played solo, others had props…for example costumes, wigs and cardboard cut-out band members, but all took it as seriously as they could.

However, once you have seen one chap mime along to some rock anthem you’ve seen them all. So the highlight of the evening for us was the “behind the scenes” action. Men warming up before it was their turn…tuning their instruments, adjusting their facial expressions and carrying on like the musicians that they were. Also, the members of the audience who felt so utterly moved by the whole event that they had to play along as their wives moved a few steps backwards…their neighbours swigged their drinks to avoid loud laughter and only the true airist was oblivious to the scene they created.

A night out to be remembered and inwardly cherished. As the old adage goes…those who can, do, those who can’t, pretend.


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