Start wearing purple for me now!



When I was young we had a cherry tree in our front garden. It was the largest in the road and every April/May it would burst into beautiful pink blossom. If we were giving people directions to our house in Spring we would always tell them “The house with the large cherry tree in the garden”. Mum adored it. It was always flowering for her birthday which was an extra present each year.

Until the year of the pruning!

Dad noticed that the roots were starting to catch on the lawn mower as he cut the grass, and also began to push up the garden path slightly. He was concerned for the house foundations …so…one Saturday morning he pruned (attacked) it. Branch by branch he made it smaller and smaller until he needed help to cut it down to a stump. It was a sad day for the rest of us. Next Spring we missed that tree so much. The road looked empty without it and the pink confetti it dropped onto the pavement was much missed.

The beautiful Spring heralding blossom tree had gone.

Now, many years later, whenever I drive down the road of my childhood, the front garden of our old family home is bare, empty but full of memories.  

While my (air) guitar gently weeps.

It was too tempting. How could we not? Would it be just too amazing for words?

So we did and it was…and more!

The regional heat of the air guitar championships!

When we saw the advert we had to go. It was held in one of the local nightclubs, and one by one the “performers” took their turns on stage. Some played solo, others had props…for example costumes, wigs and cardboard cut-out band members, but all took it as seriously as they could.

However, once you have seen one chap mime along to some rock anthem you’ve seen them all. So the highlight of the evening for us was the “behind the scenes” action. Men warming up before it was their turn…tuning their instruments, adjusting their facial expressions and carrying on like the musicians that they were. Also, the members of the audience who felt so utterly moved by the whole event that they had to play along as their wives moved a few steps backwards…their neighbours swigged their drinks to avoid loud laughter and only the true airist was oblivious to the scene they created.

A night out to be remembered and inwardly cherished. As the old adage goes…those who can, do, those who can’t, pretend.

Bring on the dancing!


We went to view it.

And yes…it looks like a larger version of the above picture. But once it is decorated, lit with twinkling lights, floor covered, tables set, aromas of food wafting, glasses clinking,  band playing and smiling guests arriving,  my girl and her boy have decided that this will be their perfect venue! The photos the farmer/wedding planner showed us, show a rustic but sparkling room that gives the bride and groom the place they desire for their day.

So bring on the dancing!