I am a lover of Alan Bennett and his raw life observations. So much of life can be amusing, entertaining or simply interesting.

I love to coffee alone, with something lovely to read and half an hour to spare, with half an ear and eye to what is going on around me. A coffee shop yesterday saw me sitting next to a table of 5 people in their either late 60s or early 70s, discussing nothing much.I did however hear something based around cheap shops…which I know for a fact more and more people are using as money needs to go further.

One chap was saying how he gets his colgate in a pound shop, and a couple of his friends were doing their very best to find reasons why this can’t possibly be a bargain.

” Oh, it’s probably a smaller size”

“No…I’ve checked and it isn’t”

“Maybe it’s old stock”

“Nope…I’ve checked”

And so on and so on.

It fascinates me to see that there are still people (who consider themselves well-to-do and up- to- date) who insist on doing things exactly the way they have always done it and no one will convince them to change. After all someone may see them in there and goodness knows what that will do to their social standing!

I admired the chap for standing his ground with his snobby friends and am even more determined to carry my Aldi carrier bags with pride!


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