Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

My girl is getting married in 16 months time. A momentous time for her, him and me.
As she has never been the “I have had my wedding planned since I was 10 yrs old and here’s my scrap book with all the pictures, colours, flowers, dresses and table decorations that I want ” sort of girl, we are slowly tiptoeing our way through the elimination process.
I call it that as we are gradually finding out what sort of wedding her and her beau are wanting by listening to the frequent addition to the list of the things she DOESN’T want!
“I’m not wearing a strapless dress as everyone does!”
“We don’t want to stand around smiling like idiots for 20 minutes while everyone takes photos of us holding a cake knife!”
“I wouldn’t normally wear a tiara so I’m not putting one on for my wedding!”
“And I certainly don’t want the photographer at the house before the wedding taking photos of me while I get ready! I’m not going to arrange my shoes in an artisitic way for a photo, or smile into a mirror, or put my lipstick on while he clicks away!”
But despite the strong objections to accepted (for whatever reason) etiquette that she voices, I see the picture forming.
A beautiful girl who simply wants to look the very best version of her normal self that she can look. A day that allows her and her beau to relax and enjoy themselves.
A wedding that looks like a wedding, sounds like a wedding, but is different enough to stand out in the guest’s memories.
So…bring on the barn, sequin shoes and arriving on the bus (The last one is a joke…!)


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