Older than she once was

Once upon a time there was a teenager. She was insecure and worried about who she was and if she would get to where she wanted to be.

Then she began to grow up and one by one the simple but very real ambitions she had for herself were realised. Career begun, married, children, home, happiness. And now and again things ruffled her life. Death, heartache, wrong decisions, new decisions, empty nest and other natural life changing events. But she kept going and smiling.

The important people , who are still alive, are still there. The man she loves still loves her. New things to do and places to go. New people to meet and paths to walk. At 52 she feels that hopefully life is a little over half way and she feels healthy enough to grasp everything it reveals. No talk of ailments and sadnesses and “ageing” issues, but  talk about life and it’s events. Don’t regret anything unless it hurt someone you care about, then don’t rest until you have put it right.

It’s not about looking forward to the big events but relishing the daily delights and small pleasures that make each day a little bit special in it’s own way.


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