I MUST become them.

On a visit to York I sat at a table  next to four eldery (very!) ladies. I wasn’t deliberately trying to listen but it was inevitable that I would “overhear” some of their conversation.

No talk of their ailments…no siree.

No talk of the latest episode of Corrie…oh no.

No comparisons between Asda or Poundland…No way Jose.

No discussion based around who has died or who is almost dead…nope.

For them the conversation was infinitely more cerebral.

The topics included…the relevance of Alan Yentob. Whether a box of wine was better value than bottles. A marmalade making day one of them was attending. The works of Alan Bennet. The latest art house film that was on at the cinema etc etc etc.

I was oh so impressed. So much so that I (mentally) signed a pledge to myself that, come what may, I will not be a death and illness old lady, but most certainly an Alan Yentob and marmalade one.


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