Outdoor swimming

I get so much pleasure from simply doing new things.

Once you progress through the years, there aren’t as many new adventures to try, so when I get an idea or an opportunity,  I like to try it…at least once.

Today took me an hour’s drive away to a rather beautiful market town that has much to admire about it, but hidden away a mile into the countryside is an open air swimming pool. It is years since I swam in one and I adored it. The breeze as I swam, the trees overhead, the sun on my shoulders and then sitting beside the pool while my limbs dried in the sun. Quite wonderful.

I felt as though I had somehow wandered back into the 1950s it was so low tech. The scout hut style changing building, the lack of showers or lockable cubicles, the two girls who doubled up as lifeguards, cloakroom attendants, cashiers and sun worshippers. It all made for a memorable adventure. The all singing/dancing pool at my town’s leisure centre will never feel quite as exhilarating or magical as the little pool hidden away amongst the country lanes.



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